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PALAMERA WHITE   (Thursday, 12)

There are two of them, and this duality is repeated in his music. They find nostalgic pop tunes and guess new paths in r & b silences. They build sticky rhythms between whispers of heartbreak and, above all, they take you to a place quite similar to your subconscious.

At just 21 years old, and now in Madrid after emigrating from Compostela, BP have self-produced one of the most interesting, round and beautiful albums of the year, Promesas.



SEDA (Thursday 12)

After listening to SEDA, it is inevitable not to locate his colorful surrealism in the Vigo of the dinosetiño. Hand in hand with the bizarre tradition of the curtain of turnip greens, and along the unbroken path of Animal Collective or Jai Paul, they design maximalist electronic pop with viscous textures and luminous intentions.

CABIRIA   (Friday  12 + Saturday 13)

If Angelo Badalamenti plunged into the infinite world of memes, there he would  Cabiria would be waiting, probably playing a korg in her room. While leading the new generation of bedroom pop made in Spanish rooms, Eva makes new songs that, at times, she shows on Instagram.

Between parody and fantasy, their  artworks.

HNOS MUNOZ   (Friday 12)

In the antipodes of the other Muñoz brothers and the slit in their skirt , they are one of the best kept secrets on the scene. With his own code and almost a characteristic aroma in his songs, it is easy to get into his minimalist and dark and romantic trap, but difficult to get out (try listening Claro ). The music that you are going to want to put on when you come home from a party.

Oh! AYATOLLAH   (Thursday, 12)

Not just his  Name  It involves having a time like a dwarf, plus they make a cathartic pop about partying and hating your friends, or loving them the next minute. Oh! Ayatollah  they are what any band of colleagues should be: sincere and honest lyrics in Galician, pre-mortgage problems and infectious melodies.


   Thursday, 12  

   Doors open 21:30

   Friday the 13th

   Doors open 22:00

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